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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Selecting your wedding officiant is definitely a decision you don’t want to take lightly! Choosing the person who will join you and your fiance in the most wonderful and exciting union of your life is a rather big deal, and one that I recommend my clients don't rush into. 

Today I wanted to share with you a personal recommendation if you're looking for the ideal officiant to conduct your ceremony (and no, I don't recommend that you have your BFF get ordained via the internet and perform your wedding ceremony. That just spells DISASTER).

Rev. Kamrin Carver is my top choice when it comes to selecting your wedding officiant. He has a way of making wedding ceremonies so personal and meaningful for his clients. The first wedding I ever attended where he was the officiant blew me away. I was thinking to myself "Wow, what a lovely ceremony, this guy must have grown up with the bride. I bet they've been friends forever." Come to find out, he had only met the couple two weeks before the wedding! I would have never known because the ceremony Rev. Carver conducted was so detailed and meaningful, with focus on the bride and groom's personalities and taste that I just couldn't believe they hadn't all be friends for the past ten years. Here's a picture of the couple who first introduced me to Rev. Carver (thanks, Wade and Julz!).

This is why I recommend Rev. Carver to each of my clients. He gets to know every single one of my couples on a personal level. I asked Rev. Carver a little bit about his process because I was curious as to what his secret is for always doing such an amazing job. Here's what he had to say:

I have a unique process that I've created for my couples as a way to get to know me, long before the crowds gather and the emotions run high. I welcome them into this new chapter of their lives together in a comfortable setting where the only pressure they feel is the pressure of trying to pick from so many different choices I can offer them in terms of types of ceremonies I can conduct. 

I also make sure that from the very start their hands are placed firmly on the wheel and they feel like they are in full control of the direction their ceremony will take and how intimate or traditional they'd like it to be. In less than an hour I guide couples through a list of carefully crafted questions which I have been composing since 2005. 

These questions allow me to create a ceremony that is completely tailored to each couple and the uniqueness of their relationship. I can even tailor it to include various aspects of the couple's courtship in a way that highlights their love story for everyone to celebrate right along with them. I insure that the delicate balance between the sacred and the humorous is always in check, and before the ceremony is even spoken, the couple has had plenty of time to review it in it’s entirety to ensure that every word is completely congruent with what they expect to hear when all eyes are on them at the alter. 

I respect those with a deep love for religion and faith along with those who may not want such things as a part of their ceremony. My goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable and that the end result is a memory they will look back upon with great fondness.

Personally, I can't say enough about the great job Rev. Carver continues to do for my clients. If you are looking for someone to create the perfect, customized ceremony for you wedding, I can assure you that you're in great hands with Rev. Carver.

To get more information about Rev. Carver's services, check out his website. There you can see what other couples have to say about their experience working with him. Or, feel free to contact him directly:

Rev. Kamrin Carver


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